The inventive, performant and reliable, automated ring wrapper

The Sirio, a fully automatic ring wrapper, is the ideal solution for efficient and reliable packaging. This advanced machine has no electrical sliding contacts, which enhances the system’s reliability.

With its unique knotting system, also known as “tuck under,” the Sirio provides an extremely safe and sturdy way to wrap pallets. With an impressive speed of 60 revolutions per minute, this machine can handle up to 100 pallets per hour, resulting in significant time savings and increased productivity.

Whether it’s packaging products for distribution or storage, the Sirio offers consistent and high-quality wrapping performance. With this fully automatic ring wrapper, you can rely on efficiency and reliability, elevating your packaging processes to a higher level.


  • up to 100 pallets per hour
  • no electric sliding contacts
  • 60 rpm
  • with a unique knotting system
The inventive, performant and reliable, automated ring wrapper

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