Semi-Automatic Case Sealer SK27

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer with Manual Adjustment

The Semi-Automatic SIAT Box Sealer SK27, with its manual adjustment capability, is a versatile and efficient solution for businesses in various sectors such as the food and beverage industry, chemical production, clothing and textiles, electronics, and more. This device is designed to increase productivity and streamline packaging processes.

One of the key features of the SK27 is its practical operation. The device can close both the top and bottom flaps of cardboard boxes. This ensures a quick and efficient packaging process, essential in fast-paced production environments. Additionally, the SK27 offers extra security through a lockable separation switch, providing added safety during use.

Another unique aspect of the SK27 is the flexibility in tape heads. The machine is available with either K11 or K12 tape heads, allowing users to choose the best fit for their specific packaging requirements. Moreover, the SK27 is designed for speed, with an option for a conveyor belt speed of 30 meters per minute, resulting in higher throughput and productivity.

In terms of sustainability, the SK27 offers an energy-saving option, enabling companies to reduce their ecological footprint. This aspect is particularly important for organizations committed to environmentally friendly practices.

The SK27 is also known for its high-quality construction. The device uses the best components, including electrical parts from SIEMENS, which enhances the machine’s reliability and lifespan. A new feature is the removable top tape head, which simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

The improved design includes tape buttons with a quick-connect system, both at the top and bottom. This means no tools are needed for changing or adjusting the tape heads, saving time and increasing ease of use.

Finally, the SK27 meets CE compliance standards, indicating that the device is designed and manufactured according to the highest EU safety standards. This not only guarantees quality but also safety for users. With all these features, the SK27 is an excellent choice for companies looking for a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for their packaging needs.

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  • Suitable for large fixed box sizes
  • High reliability
  • Flexibility
Semi-Automatic Case Sealer