Stapler for fine staples

This stapler is perfect for using type 380, 71, 72, 74, 95, 97 and 98 staples

This fine staple gun is an excellent tool for processing staples of types 380, 71, 72, 74, 95, 97, and 98. These durable and lightweight devices are guaranteed to be trouble-free and very easy to maintain and use.

They find their application in various furniture categories, such as seating furniture, tubular furniture, office furniture, cabinet backs, and small wooden packaging. The features of durability, lightweight design, ease of maintenance, and user-friendliness make the Fine Staple Gun a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.


  • seating
  • tubular furniture
  • office furniture
  • rear panels of cupboards
  • small wooden packaging


  • durable and lightweight devices
  • low-maintenance
  • user-friendly
Stapler for fine staples