Stapler for heavy-duty staples

Stapler SN50S5

Well-balanced device that uses heavy wide-crown staples, of type 14, 16 and 155.

The heavy-duty staple gun SN50S5 is a well-balanced tool specifically designed for processing heavy-duty staples like type 14, 16, and 155. This versatile tool is suitable for various applications, including connecting wooden planks and sheet materials such as OSB, MDF, plywood, and more.

This lightweight device is ideal for heavier tasks and can handle staples up to 50 mm in length. It also features an anti-jamming system, ensuring smooth operation without interruptions, making it very safe to use. Additionally, a single-shot version is available for specific needs.

The Heavy-Duty Staple Gun SN50S5 is a valuable addition to your tool collection, providing efficiency and reliability when carrying out various construction projects, including timber framing, pallets, crate walls, and more.

Applications :

For attaching wooden planks and panels such as OSB, MDF, plywood, etc. in:

  • frames for seating
  • bed bases
  • slatted bed frames
  • headboards of boxspring beds
  • gazebos
  • stand construction
  • timber-framed construction
  • pallets
  • the walls of cases


  • lightweight for heavier work
  • wide-crown staples up to 50 mm
  • anti-blocking system
  • also available in a single-shot version
Stapler for heavy-duty staples