Stapler for medium staples

Lightweight, professional device for using medium-sized staples, of types 90, 92 and 94.

This staple gun for medium staples is a handy and professional tool specially designed for processing medium-sized staples of types 90, 92, and 94. This device is lightweight, making it extremely portable and easy to handle for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The versatile applications of these staple guns include securely fastening garden wood for various projects, assembling furniture with precision and stability, safely sealing wooden packaging for transportation, and creating durable wood joints in interior construction.

In summary, this staple gun for medium staples is a valuable addition to your toolset, allowing you to work efficiently and professionally on a variety of woodworking projects.


  • garden timber
  • furniture
  • wooden packaging
  • interiors


  • lightweight device
  • medium-sized staples
Stapler for medium staples