Well-balanced devices for using heavy duty staples, type 14, 16 and 155

A well-balanced tool for processing heavy staples of types 14, 16, and 155 is an indispensable tool for various applications in the construction and woodworking industries. This tool is highly useful in interior construction projects, finishing work, furniture applications, caravan manufacturing, general woodworking projects, and for various packaging and cladding applications.

It is characterized by its balanced design, which ensures precision and ease of use when processing heavy staples. With the ability to handle type 14, 16, and 155 staples, professionals can create strong and durable connections. In summary, this well-balanced tool is a valuable addition for craftsmen looking to achieve high-quality constructions.


  • interiors
  • finishes
  • furniture
  • caravans
  • general timber construction
  • packaging and upholstery


  • Balanced device
  • Heavy-duty staples

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