Stapling pliers

For use with staples and wide-crown staples of type 95, 380, 195 and Kihlberg 779

The Kihlberg stapling pliers is a versatile pneumatic tool that is ideal for processing staples and pins of types 95, 380, 195, and Kihlberg 779. This tool is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries, including the packaging industry, mattress industry, bed industry, advertising industry, and the automotive industry.

With its lightweight and convenient design, the Kihlberg stapling pliers is perfectly suited for industrial use. It can be used to securely staple together layers of paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, foam, plastic, rubber, and more. Additionally, this tool is handy for fastening plastic lids onto cardboard tubes. In short, the Kihlberg Niettang offers efficiency and versatility for various fastening needs in the industry.


For stapling together layers of paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, mousse, plastic, rubber, etc. in:

  • packaging
  • mattresses
  • beds
  • the advertising sector
  • the automotive 

For stapling plastic lids to cardboard tubes.


  • pneumatic stapling pliers
  • light in the hand
  • very handy for industrial use
Stapling pliers