Tablo 2000

Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine

The main advantage of this machine is that it offers top-level functions and characteristics at a competitive price.

The Tablo 2000 has everything you need: a frequency inverter for a rotary engine and a shaft engine, shaft with electromagnetic coupling to adjust the application tension for each programme, a wide range of options and programmes to meet all your requirements.

During the design process, each aspect has been considered in detail to make it rational: weight, size, materials, electronics, wiring, assembly and transport.

The proof is that the same machine offers quality at a competitive price.


  • up to 2000 kg
  • extensive control with flexible programming
  • ideal for pre-stretched film and locked film
  • film tension adjustable by means of an electromagnetic brake
  • 6 shortcut keys
Semi-automatic turntable wrappers
i Wrappah is the solution for packing your goods at a fixed price per wrapped pallet.