Tablo PP Plus

Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine with pre-stretch function.

A semi-automatic, exceptionally sturdy and versatile model, controlled by a PLC that makes almost limitless adaptions possible.

The Tablo PP plus is equipped with a frequency inverter for the turntable and a photocell to detect the pallet height. It is possible to set the up and down speeds of the shaft individually. Parameters and cycles are easy to set thanks to the user-friendly control panel.

The standard model has all these characteristics, so that the Tablo PP Plus is often seen as the perfect partner for special needs.


  • extra low turntable
  • ideal for a manual pallet truck
  • Siemens PLC control with touchscreen
  • 300% motor-driven pre-stretch
  • 6 shortcut keys
  • PLC control makes it possible to customise the wrapping programme.
Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine with pre-stretch function.

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