Even if we have many miles under our belt and loads of experience in practically every sector, one aspect comes back time and again: every situation is unique. And that’s logical. Even if your company is active in the same sector as your fellow competitors, you still handle things unlike them to make a difference.

That’s why we’re happy to come and see you, for free and without obligation. We want to discover your issues to gain perfect insight into your needs. Only in this way can we fulfil our role as a packaging partner really well, offering you a solution completely geared to your situation.

A selection of our solutions


Quickly and efficiently protecting pallets and stabilising them


Bundling products or attaching them to something

Nailing and stapling

Attaching or assembling quickly and safely


Closing packaging easily and accurately

Total approach

Certis Benelux has a range of ready-to-use packaging machines, but also specialises in delivering custom solutions. In consultation with the client we arrive at the best customised solution.


Wrapping with paper
Wrapping with paper
When transporting goods, the safety and integrity of the cargo are crucial. While various materials can be used to secure loads, paper is not one of the recommended options. This blog delves into the reasons…
What is EUMOS 40509?
What is EUMOS 40509?
The EUMOS 40509 standard is a significant guideline developed to improve safety in the transportation of goods. Its primary objective is to ensure that loads on trucks and other means of transportation are securely fastened,…
PP Strap vs PET Strap: a comparison in packaging and transportation
PP Strap vs PET Strap: a comparison in packaging and transportation
In the dynamic world of packaging and transportation, the use of the right materials plays a crucial role. Two of the most commonly used materials are PP strap (polypropylene) and PET strap (polyethylene terephthalate). Although…