Nailing and stapling

Do you often work with wood? For example constructing roofs, assembling pallets or cases. Then you can’t do without a reliable nail gun. In our range you’ll find nail guns suitable for every application.

Or are you active in the interior decorating or furniture sector? Then opt for a professional stapler. If you are looking for an efficient solution for closing cardboard boxes with heavy or fragile contents, choose a box closing device that uses staples or wide-crown staples.

“Every situation is different. That is why we propose a solution, tailored to your needs.”

Nagelen en nieten

Nailing and stapling in various sectors

Nailing and stapling are used in all kinds of sectors. One that stands out is wood and construction. Consider nailing and stapling to attach planks, blocks, beams, panels, cardboard, parquet floors, decking, etc. There are many possible applications.

However, this sector is not the only one for which nailing and stapling are interesting. We often work for industrial companies, the food industry, distribution and logistics, etc. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us.

Can’t see the woods for the trees?

Many factors weigh in when opting for nailing or stapling. Don’t worry. Rely on our years of experience in practically every sector. One aspect comes back time and again: every situation is unique. That’s why our specialists will come to see you, without obligation. That way we can offer you a solution completely geared to your situation.

Concrete applications

  • Closing cardboard boxes
  • Stapling labels to pallets 
  • Nailing wooden cases
  • Assembling pallets and the walls of cases
  • Producing wooden garden fencing

As you can see, there are extensive possibilities.
Contact us for professional advice.

Three types of devices

Our range is divided into three types of devices. Nail guns are above all used to attach or assemble pallets, cases, coffins, furniture, gazebos, roof constructions, etc. If you want to staple something, such as furniture or the back panels of cupboards, then choose one of our staplers. To efficiently close cardboard boxes with heavy or fragile contents, it is best to opt for a box closing device that uses staples or wide-crown staples.

Combine several machines?

It’s possible! And sometimes it’s even necessary to achieve a more efficient logistical flow. In that case, we will come up with a customised solution for you.

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How can we help you?

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