Hopefully it’s something you haven’t experienced all too often: your goods arrive at the client’s location; the truck or container is opened and a large part of the products is lying all over the place or is even damaged. Often this is due to poor securing on pallets or a lack of good bundling. Which is precisely why products and packaging should be properly strapped. Then they remain stable and safely secured during transport. This applies for both small, light packages and large, heavy loads. What’s more, strapping is handy for attaching products to something.

“Call on our years of experience in almost all sectors.”

Strapping in over 5 sectors

Strapping is on the rise in various sectors. In distribution/logistics and the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, it has become essential to guarantee that batches are properly secured. In the wood and construction sectors too, but there it is mostly a case of bundling smaller amounts into one larger batch. In the paper, cardboard and graphics sector, the aim is above all to bundle and press larger units into a smaller volume.

Can’t see the woods for the trees?

Many factors weigh in when opting for a strapping solution. Don’t worry. Rely on our years of experience in practically every sector. One aspect comes back time and again: every situation is unique. That’s why our specialists will come to see you, without obligation. That way we can offer you a solution completely geared to your situation.

Concrete strapping applications

  • Bundling paper and carboard
  • Closing boxes
  • Strengthening wooden crates or boxes
  • Securing bricks, concrete or other building materials 
  • Bundling roof tiles
  • Bundling hot products

As you can see there is a wide range of possibilities. Contact us for professional advice.

Three types of strapping machines

Our range is divided into three types of machines. Fast or small assignment? Then use one of the manual strapping machines. The semi-automatic and fully automated strapping machines are more suitable for complex production processes and large logistical flows.

Combine several machines?

It’s possible! And sometimes it’s even necessary to achieve a more efficient logistical flow. In that case, we will come up with a customised solution for you.

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