The main aim of wrapping is to ensure that your products arrive at their destination undamaged. How we do that? With professional machines we wrap a thin layer of film around a pallet or product. That way your load has optimum protection during transport and storage.

“Our specialists will visit you. This way we offer you a solution that is unique to your situation..”

Wrapping various sectors

Wrapping is a solution that is used in practically every sector. That’s not surprising, since it is both efficient and cheap. With a minimum amount of material you can obtain maximum protection for your goods.

Want to know exactly how you can use wrapping in your sector? Contact us.

Can’t see the woods for the trees?

Many factors weigh in when opting for wrapping solution. Don’t worry. Rely on our years of experience in practically every sector. One aspect comes back time and again: every situation is unique. That’s why our specialists will come to see you, without obligation. That way we can offer you a solution completely geared to your situation.


  • Protect loads against dirt or damp
  • Bundle products
  • Suitable for various products
  • Flexible: adopts the shape of your load
  • Cheap
  • Efficient

As you can see, there are extensive possibilities. Contact us for professional advice.

Five types of wrapping machines

Certis Benelux has five types of wrapping machines, each with its own specific characteristics.

  • Semi-automatic and fully automated turntable wrappers
  • Semi-automatic and fully automated arm wrappers
  • Ring wrapping machines
  • Wrapping robot
  • Topsheet dispenser

Want to know which machine is the most suitable for you? That depends on the type, size and weight of your products, the production capacity, your expectations and the existing logistics flow. We will come to see you, without obligation, to offer you customised advice.

Combine several machines?

It’s possible! And sometimes it’s even necessary to achieve a more efficient logistical flow. In that case, we will come up with a customised solution for you.

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