The primary goal of wrapping is to ensure that your products are delivered undamaged and in perfect condition. How do we achieve this? By using advanced wrapping machines that carefully apply a thin yet sturdy layer of film around your pallet or product. This method provides optimal protection against external factors during transport and storage, such as moisture, dust, and damage.

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Our pallet wrappers are designed for efficient and effective packaging, while the high-quality wrapping film ensures a solid and reliable encasement. All this contributes to securing your load, so you can trust that your products will arrive in impeccable condition, regardless of the distance or storage time.

Wrapping various sectors

Wrapping is a versatile solution that is broadly applicable in almost all sectors. Its popularity is not surprising, as it is an efficient and cost-effective method. With a relatively small amount of material, such as wrapping film, maximum protection of goods is achieved. This is especially crucial in the logistics and transportation sector, where the safety and integrity of the cargo are of great importance.

Pallet wrappers play a key role in this process; they provide a sturdy, reliable encasement of products on pallets, making them resistant to the challenges of transport and storage. This method minimizes damage and loss, optimizes storage space, and contributes to a smooth and efficient logistical process.

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Can’t see the woods for the trees?

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Using a pallet wrapper to wrap loads offers numerous advantages that contribute to an efficient and cost-effective logistics process. Firstly, it provides excellent protection against external factors such as dirt and moisture, which is essential for maintaining the quality of products during transport and storage. Additionally, bundling products on pallets with a pallet wrapper helps to stabilize and secure the load, reducing the risk of damage.

The versatility of pallet wrappers makes them suitable for a wide range of products. They are extremely flexible and can adapt to the shape of any load, ensuring efficient and effective packaging. This method is not only cost-effective due to the minimal use of materials but also time-saving. It significantly improves the efficiency of the packaging process, leading to faster turnaround times and a streamlined workflow in the warehouse or distribution center. Thus, using a pallet wrapper is a smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their packaging process while effectively protecting their goods.

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Five types of wrapping machines

Certis Benelux has five types of wrapping machines, each with its own specific characteristics.

  • Semi- and Fully-Automatic Turntable Wrappers: These machines are perfect for standard wrapping applications. They operate both semi-automatically and fully automatically, making them flexible for various types of loads.
  • Semi- and Fully-Automatic Arm Wrappers: Ideal for unstable or heavy loads, they provide a solid wrapping without moving the pallet.
  • Ring Wrapping Machines: Excellent for applications requiring high capacity, with a focus on speed and efficiency.
  • Wrapping robot: Offer ultimate flexibility in the wrapping process and can be used in various locations to wrap products.
  • Horizontal Bundle Machines: These are specially designed for elongated products and ensure safe and efficient bundling.

Want to know which machine is the most suitable for you? That depends on the type, size and weight of your products, the production capacity, your expectations and the existing logistics flow. We will come to see you, without obligation, to offer you customised advice.

Combine several machines?

It’s possible! And sometimes it’s even necessary to achieve a more efficient logistical flow. In that case, we will come up with a customised solution for you.

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