Sustainability in the world of nail guns and staplers

In an era in which sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, it is no surprise that this trend is also extending into the world of nail guns and staplers. These handy devices are essential in various sectors, from workshops to construction sites. But how can we ensure that they become more sustainable and have less of an impact on the environment?

Why sustainability is important

Nowadays, sustainability is a central theme in many industries. It is all about developing and using products and processes in a way that limits the environmental impact, conserves natural resources and contributes to a better future for the planet. This is crucial in view of the concern about climate change and the need to reduce our ecological footprint.

Nail guns and staplers are essential tools for attaching materials. However, their production and use may have a negative impact on the environment. Consider, for example, the energy required to produce these devices and operate them and the waste they produce. It is therefore imperative to reduce the impact these devices have on the environment.

Sustainable materials

An important aspect of sustainability with regard to nail guns and staplers is the use of sustainable materials. This concerns both the housing of the devices and the actual staples and nails. Our clients can opt to use recycled materials for the production of their devices. This helps to lower the demand for new raw materials and reduces the amount of waste generated.

What’s more, companies can select materials that are less harmful to the environment. For example, avoiding materials with harmful chemicals or that are difficult to recycle can contribute to greener production. Our account mangers will be happy to help you with this.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another crucial aspect of sustainability in the world of nail guns and staplers. Manufacturers can improve the energy efficiency of their products by using more efficient motors or designing devices that automatically switch off when they are not being used for example. This not only helps save energy, it also reduces users’ operational costs.

Sustainability in the world of nail guns and staplers
nailing and stapling

Reparability and useful life

Reparability must also be taken into account when designing a sustainable nail gun or stapler. This means that when a device breaks down, it can easily be repaired instead of being thrown away, thus extending the device’s useful life and reducing the amount of electronic waste. This is why Certis Benelux has its own repair department.

Recycling and responsible use

Finally, it is essential that when nail guns and staplers reach the end of their useful life, users have them recycled in a responsible manner. This is possible by separating materials and handing in old devices at special collection points.

In addition, companies and individuals can be more aware of their use of staples and nails. Avoiding excessive use and ensuring they are correctly removed can help reduce waste.

Sustainable nailing and stapling


Sustainability is crucial in the world of nail guns and staplers. Manufacturers, users and the industry as a whole must work together to reduce the environmental impact of these devices. This can be achieved by using sustainable materials, promoting energy efficiency, designing reparable devices and recycling old devices in a responsible way. By implementing these measures, we can ensure that nail guns and staplers play a positive role in our sustainable future.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our specialised account managers.