Turnkey projects


We visualize your situation with a detailed analysis.

3D design

With a detailed 3D design you get an excellent picture of our solution.


We develop the design from A to Z, tailored to your needs.


We give you a good start with thorough training. After delivery, you can always call on our service team.

Certis Benelux distinguishes itself with an extensive range of ready-to-use packaging machines, but our expertise extends beyond that. We are also a leading specialist in providing custom-made packaging solutions. By working closely with our customers, we identify and create the optimal tailor-made solution that precisely meets their unique needs. Our experience and knowledge in the field of automation enable us to offer innovative and efficient solutions that meet not only current but also future demands. At Certis Benelux, we are committed to delivering packaging solutions that enhance productivity and seamlessly integrate into your existing processes.

1. Analyse

At Certis Benelux, we aim to gain a deep understanding of what’s happening within your organization. Our goal is to thoroughly analyze the core of your business processes and procedures. We want to know what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

That’s why we schedule a personal appointment to visit your work environment. This allows us to fully immerse ourselves in your specific situation. During this phase, your input is crucial; we listen attentively to your experiences and needs.

2. 3D design

Now the moment has come to turn your project into reality! In this crucial phase, we transform ideas into tangible reality. We start by creating detailed sketches, followed by a lifelike 3D design. This approach gives you a clear and accurate picture of what the final result will look like, providing you with a better understanding of the design and functionality of the project.

Your input is invaluable in this process. We invite you to actively participate and provide your feedback at every stage of the design process. Your opinions and suggestions are essential for the success of the project. Based on your input and our expertise, we will adjust and refine the design as necessary. This ensures that the final product not only meets our high standards of quality and innovation but also perfectly aligns with your specific wishes and requirements.

3. Realisation of your project

A total project or automation project truly earns its name only when it is fully and meticulously executed. In this essential phase, we bring your project to life. Our expert specialists in our own factory commit to using advanced technological processes to produce all the necessary components. We then come to your location, where we seamlessly integrate our tailor-made solution with your existing machines.

This ensures a harmonious collaboration between new and existing systems, optimally enhancing your operational efficiency and productivity. Every element of our approach is focused on achieving a seamless, efficient, and successful automation process, tailored to your specific needs and work environment.

4. Training and follow-up

As befits a turnkey project, we also handle the assembly and commissioning. In addition, we thoroughly train your operators and maintenance staff in plain language. That way they are perfectly able to get to work with the machines themselves.

After delivery, you can always call on our service team. In combination with a programme of preventive maintenance, we continuously assure the optimum functioning of your packaging machines.

If a problem should occur, then contact us. We can often resolve it by telephone or with a videocall. If not, our specialists will drop by. They are well trained, flexible and always have what they need with them. That way they can quickly help to get you back up and running.

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